The Lewis County Work Experience Program was a program the Lewis County Board of Education administered to serve Out-of-School youth residing within the TENCO Workforce Development Area with a focus on recruitment in Boyd, Greenup, and Lewis counties.

In order to participate, youth had to meet certain eligibility requirements such as:

  • Youth must be between the ages of 17-24, not attending any school and have been assessed and possesses one of more of the following barriers:
    • A low-income individual who is a recipient of a secondary school diploma or its equivalent and is either Basic Skill Deficient or an English Language Learner
    • Subject to juvenile or adult justice system
    • Homeless
    • Disabled
    • Run away
    • Pregnant/Parenting Youth
    • Foster care
    • Has not attended school for at least the most recent completed school year calendar quarter
    • A low-income youth who requires additional assistance to complete an educational program and/or secure employment
    • Eligible for Assistance Under Section 477 (Social Security Act)


  • “It was a great program for the kids and provided so much help for our staff here in the school” Jack Lykins, LCHS Principal
  • “This program provided a good learning experience for our students and gave them an appreciation of the work our custodial staff does to maintain our facilities. They were an invaluable resource for us this summer!” Jamie Weddington, Superintendent LCPS
  • Woody Underwood, Principal at Tollesboro Elementary School: “Because of the summer work program, participants at Tollesboro Elementary were able to get more work done than any other summer. I would take them anytime they were available.  This program is amazing!!!”