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to ensure our customers have the most current information on jobs available in their local area, skills required to get those jobs, and average wages they may earn.

In 2003, TENCO Workforce Development Board elected to prioritize financial resources by industry sector. Annually, the TENCO Board and staff analyzes labor market information from past WIOA participants, Office of Employment and Training reports, and other sources to determine if the occupational sectors selected are still viable for the TENCO area. Representation from business, education, and public agencies are included in the sector review and recommendations made to the TENCO Workforce Investment Board.

Sector Strategies is an approach to meeting workforce needs by analyzing the local labor market data and determining which occupational sectors show growth potential and provide high wage, high demand jobs for the residents of the TENCO area. The TENCO Workforce Development Board supports the current occupational sectors for our ten-county region.

The Workforce Development Board has identified the occupations shown below as the high demand jobs in our area.


 Sector Information

Skilled Trades

Carpenter - Skilled Trades



Health Care



Considering a new trade?

For anyone considering joining a new trade, a career as a Carpenter or Millwright looks a lot different today than 50 years ago. Watch and learn about what a career could look like with the carpenters union and their apprenticeship program:

Careers In Demand

Great jobs and careers await in Kentucky’s high-demand industries. Learn more about these industries, including education and experience required, average pay, work environment, and projected number of job openings over a five-year period.