About the Board

The TENCO Workforce Development Board (WDB) is a 20-member volunteer advisory board that includes business and agency representatives. The TENCO WDB provides oversight of the Kentucky Career Centers located in the TENCO region, ensures that workforce services (including job readiness skills, job placement, remediation services, and training) are available for youth, dislocated workers, trade, and adults, and develops strategies to assist businesses in meeting their workforce needs. The TENCO local area consists of ten counties: Bath, Bracken, Boyd, Fleming, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Montgomery, Robertson and Rowan.

The TENCO WDB operates based on the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, and receives funds through the Department of Labor.

Functions of the TENCO WDB include:

  • Develop workforce plans and strategies to ensure highly qualified job seekers are available to meet the local business’s needs
  • Analyze local and regional labor market data to determine high-growth, high-demand and high -wage job opportunities in the local area, as well as to determine trends and projections for future employment needs
  • Coordinate services with multiple partner agencies to leverage resources to ensure individuals and businesses have the services necessary for success
  • Set priorities for funding, such as veterans, low-income individuals, individuals on receiving Government assistance, and individuals earning below a self-sustaining wage
  • Ensure employer engagement in workforce issues and solutions
  • Develop programs to assist individuals in moving up the career ladder into advanced, higher-wage job opportunities.
  • Disseminate and learn from proven and promising practices
  • Ensure services through the Kentucky Career Centers in the TENCO local area are available and easily accessible for all customers
  • Conduct oversight of the services provided through local Kentucky career center system, youth activities, and employment and training activities for adult, dislocated workers and trade customers
  • Select the operators and service providers that directly work with individual and business customers
  • Negotiate local performance measures with the local elected officials and the Governor; provide oversight of the budget and administration of workforce programs; and ensure that local workforce, education, and economic development agencies work together to achieve similar goals and strategies.

TENCO Workforce Development Board Certification

The TENCO Workforce Development Board (WDB) provides workforce services to individuals and businesses located within their ten-county area. Each Workforce Development Board must be certified by the Governor in order to be established as an active workforce board. Certification is “renewable” every two years.  The TENCO Workforce Development Board receives funding through the Department of Labor.  Proud member of the American Job Center Network.