October is Manufacturing Month, to celebrate we are highlighting manufacturers in our local area, our first being Great Lakes Minerals, LLCC also known as GLM.

Our History & Mission

Great Lakes Minerals, LLC was founded in 1999 as a partnership between ALCOA, Paul Eusner and Rick Silvestri. In 2003, Eusner and Silvestri took over ALCOA’s partial ownership of GLM and began growing the company over the next decade into a leading supplier of high alumina minerals to the refractory and abrasive industries.

Being strategically located along the Ohio River on the converging borders of Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio, not only provides logistical benefits to a large number of our customers but also allows us to maintain a high degree of handling control of the material directly offloaded from barges to our plant.

GLM’s high-capacity, state-of-the-art crushing, and sizing operation has the capacity to make specified sizes 25mm through ceramic ball milled flours for the refractory and abrasive markets. Our competitive advantage starts in the mine by sourcing high quality raw materials from China and Guyana and ends with a U.S.A. processed product with specifications consistent in size, chemistry, and physicality.

Our core business mission hinges on our commitment to quality and service. Quality is tested at every stage of the production process – from mine and chemical processing to U.S. entry & GLM plant ports, and then throughout the entire production process until the finished product is bagged and ready to ship. We continually look to the future and make investments to improve plant production processes and expand our product offerings. Making decisions quickly enables us to answer the material and product needs of our customers on-demand, establishing GLM as a trusted partner, and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in customer service.

Contact Us At:
Great lakes Mineral, LLC
1200 Port Road Wurtland, Ky 41144