With over 80 years in gearing experience and over 30 years in motors, STOBER has the knowledge and expertise to create the best gearboxes and motors in the industry. While creating the best products possible is crucial for their business, they know the greatest key to their success is their people. They believe employee development is the most important aspect of their business, and that their various development programs are a major determining factor in current and future success. “People development” is one of their fundamental business initiatives, even more important than product development, technology, etc. Families, communities and schools develop people to a certain point. Once someone is employed at STOBER, they are very intentional about continuing their personal development.

STOBER excels in people development and has long partnered with the TENCO Workforce Development Board and Buffalo Trade Area Development District in executing their attraction and retention strategy. From basic services like job postings, labor market data, on-the-job training, and incumbent worker training, to regional skills initiatives like KY FAME, TENCO and STOBER enjoy a special partnership. STOBER has also utilized the free conference space available at KCC-Maysville for trainings and meetings several times. STOBER, who is represented on the TENCO Workforce Development Board, is an area leader in manufacturing and corporate citizenship.