Kentucky Career Center (KCC) staff and partners from the TENCO Workforce Development Area took part in a “Career and Job Coaching” training on March 28th at Carter Caves State Resort Park.

With the focus of KCC staff shifting from Unemployment Insurance to Employment Services, KCC Leadership coordinated with Julia Hawkins, Director of Career Services at Shawnee State University, to provide this valuable training so staff could hone their skills to better serve their customers.

The training focused on five areas:

  1. Self-Discovery – learning what a career counselor needs to understand about the customers they serve.
  2. Creating a career mission – understanding what is important to a client in the job search.
  3. Locating job titles that match your mission – matching career with jobs.
  4. Job search planning – what to do and creating a time frame; know where to “hunt.”
  5. Resumes and applications – developing effective skills-based resumes.

Staff will use the skills they obtained at this training to assist job seekers who are unemployed or who are searching for better employment.

Attendees included representatives from the Office of Employment and Training, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Office for the Blind, Adult Education – Skills U, FIVCO Area Development District, Department for Community Based Services, and the TENCO Workforce Development Board

For more information, contact Justin Suttles by calling 606-783-8525.