1) The application process starts with the completion of an online account with focuscareer.ky.gov. If you already have an account with focuscareer, login and update your data. If you do not have an account, please register and complete each section. Time to complete: Approximately 20 minutes

2) The Federal Workforce Program that administers On-the-Job Training services requires specific forms and documentation prior to enrollment. Please follow the link on this page to get to the additional forms. To sign the forms, please type your name AND include the four-digit PIN number that you were given by the business in which you applied. Required forms are located on this page. Time to complete: Approximately 10 minutes

3) Documents required for enrollment include:

  • Social Security card;
  • Driver’s License/Permit; and
  • Income verification (last paystub, Unemployment documentation, KTAP/food stamp/Supplemental Security Income, or Social Security)

4) Please include the name of the business in which you are applying in the subject line of the email.

5) If you are unable to complete the application process and/or submit the required documentation, please contact a Career Counselor to discuss other enrollment options:

Michelle Sloas

Dena Green

Elaine Manning
Morehead & Mt. Sterling