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The Adult Education and Literacy programs are available in each of the TENCO counties. Individuals may participate in these services free of charge. Services are available to help individuals’ brush-up on their math, reading, and/or language skills. Many college bound individuals utilize the Adult Education and Literacy to assist in improving their skill levels prior to taking the Compass and/or ACT. Adult Education and Literacy also helps with computer technology skills, WorkKeys (NCRC) assessment, and GED preparation.


We can help with Job Search, Job Matching, Job Readiness Workshops, Resume Assistance, and Mock Interviewing.


The WIOA program helps those entering the workforce for the first time, already in the workforce but looking for a better job, and/or those who have lost their jobs and are looking for work. There are eligibility requirements for specialty services such as Scholarships for training; Support services for childcare reimbursement, supplies required for training, and/or testing fees; On-the-Job training, and Internships.


Service to our Veterans and their spouses are a priority. Individuals specializing in Veteran services are available to assist in the TENCO area. Available services include Priority of Service, Career Assessments, Job Search Assistance, Interview Preparation, Labor Market Information, Resume and Cover Letter Assistance, Access to computers and internet service, translating military experience to civilian responsibilities, and specialized services for veterans with disabilities.


The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation helps individuals with disabilities that qualify for services. Disabilities may include physical, mental, drug/alcohol related. Services may include Training for a new career, Supported employment, Technological Aids and Devices, Job Placement, and Counseling and Guidance. Vocational Rehabilitation services are available in all TENCO counties.


Eligible youth can receive a specialized and highly intensive list of available services. Services include tutoring, study skills training, occupational skills training, leadership development opportunities, supportive services, mentoring, comprehensive guidance and counseling, financial literacy education, entrepreneurial skills training, Labor Market Information, and assistance to help youth prepare for and transition to postsecondary education and training.

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