Kentucky Career Center – Maysville Receives Certification





The Kentucky Career Center in Maysville is the first career center in the TENCO Workforce Development Area to be certified as a full service career center under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014. In May, the TENCO Workforce Development Board awarded the certification, affirming the Career Center’s commitment to customer focus as it provides unified services to all job seekers and employers. In August, the Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board recognized the Kentucky Career Center in Maysville as being certified as a full service career center.

“The certification process was thorough and we are committed to giving our customers, individual and business, the best service possible. Auditing ourselves in this way provided us an opportunity to look at our offerings through the eyes of our customer. We were pleased to discover, and an outside group of reviewers confirmed, we are doing an outstanding job, especially in the area of business support,” said Jeremy Faulkner, Career Center Manager.

Certification requires an extensive application process and review by a five-member panel appointed by the local workforce development board. The review ensures full service sites provide successful employer services as well as career advising, assessment, job referrals, training information and other services to job seekers.

The Kentucky Career Center links employment, workforce information, education and training. The goal is to match qualified workers with employers’ needs.

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The TENCO Workforce Development Board (WDB) recently held their annual Year in Review Retreat at the Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park. Presentations were provided on Becoming a High Impact Board, Economic Development and Workforce, Regional Partnerships, and Financial Transparency.

Data Dimensions, Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County Industrial Authority & Chamber of Commerce, and Kentucky Career Center – Morehead/Mt. Sterling were selected as the Business Partnership Award recipients. The Agency Partnership Award was presented to participants of the Mason County Regional Job Fair which included Mason County Board of Education, Maysville Community and Technical College, Maysville Chamber of Commerce, and Kentucky Career Centers – TENCO. Two workforce staff were recognized for their years of service: Dena Green, 15 years as a Workforce Career Counselor, and Michelle Sloas, 15 years as a Workforce Career Counselor.

The Year in Review highlighted success stories of past participants, activities and services provided to the community through the TENCO Career Centers, and data reflecting performance of the board. It was announced that the TENCO WDB met and/or exceeded all performance measures as established through the Federal Act. The measures include individuals enrolled in the program who enter employment, earn credentials, retain employment, increase skill levels, and meet a wage requirement.

The TENCO WDB is a 20 member volunteer advisory board that includes business and agency representatives. The TENCO WDB provides oversight of the Kentucky Career Centers located in the TENCO region, ensures that workforce services (including job readiness skills, job placement, remediation services, and training) are available for youth, dislocated workers, trade, and adults, and develops strategies to assist businesses in meeting their workforce needs. The TENCO local area consists of ten counties: Bath, Bracken, Boyd, Fleming, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Montgomery, Robertson and Rowan.

The TENCO Workforce Development Board receives funding through the Department of Labor and is an equal opportunity service provider.


A Chapter of the Kentucky Federation of Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) is approved for Maysville

KY FAME brings business, education, and workforce together for a solution to the skill gap of our current workforce. Businesses have recognized the need to develop their own workforce. KY FAME is a perfect opportunity to get individuals directly into the workforce, while providing them with free training in the skills necessary to retain and move up the career ladder. The following businesses in the TENCO area are participating in the KY FAME Chapter in Maysville:

Stober Drives, Inc.

Meadowview Regional Medical Center

CTI Foods

Summit Polymer

Cooper Standard

A Raymond Tinnerman


Walker Construction

Training opportunities will begin this fall at Maysville Community and Technical College with the Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program

KY FAME – Training for a Career, not just a Job. Advancing Kentucky. Providing Solutions.